Liberty and Justice for Some

Another chunk of America falls away as Hillary Clinton evades punishment for yet another crime.  The latest high crime, negligence in the handling of classified material, is being swept under the rug.  This is obviously an impeachable offense, and yet she is still in the running for the presidency.  How much lawlessness can the nation take before it slides into complete chaos?  It is time for serious involvement of Christians and Constitutionalists.

Christian principles, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution propelled the United States to the status of the greatest nation in the world.  It enjoyed protection, prosperity, and freedom like no other until it turned from the ideals, and from the One, that had made it great.  There is only one way to regain the protection, prosperity, and freedom that we once enjoyed, and that is to return to the Declaration, the Constitution, and most of all, to Truth which is Jesus Christ.

A half-hearted return is not enough.  At this point, our condition requires aggressive treatment.  The book of Jonah in the Holy Bible tells us that the wickedness of the city of Nineveh came up before God.  Jonah finally obeyed God and preached in Nineveh that in forty days it would be overthrown.  Realizing that their evil ways were about to bring destruction on them, the people repented, from the king down to the least of them.  They fasted from food and drink.  They humbled themselves by putting on sackcloth.  They even put sackcloth on the animals and the king sat in ashes in hopes that God would change His plan for their destruction, which He did because of their repentance.

Who knows if God plans to destroy the United States in forty days?  We may already be destroyed and not even realize it.  Our decline may continue to be gradual, but the former greatness of the country is certainly no more.  How wicked many Americans have become to believe the lies promulgated in our country, and how wicked others have become to tolerate the deception.  Perhaps topping the long list of lies is the insanely ludicrous idea that bathrooms, showers, and dressing rooms should be shared by opposite sexes.  To top off the top of the list is that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, is the chief proponent of this idiocy!  The president is supposed to be a mature, intelligent, and honorable man, but the leader of our nation wants men to be in the same room where our wives, daughters, and mothers are undressed, and women to be in the same room where husbands, sons, and dads are undressed.  The president and those in government who are instituting this are mentally unstable and should have already been removed from office.  Those outside of government that are promoting this should be quashed.

These mentally unstable people are pushing for those who are also mentally unstable to be allowed in the military, where they will be allowed to carry and use deadly weapons.  They have already forced in those who act upon a sexual attraction to the same sex.  Now they are forcing in those who think they are the opposite sex of what they actually are.  The same crowd promoting this is the one decrying guns falling into the hands of the mentally unstable due to what they consider inadequate background checks for gun purchases.  The absurdity of this is beyond words but sadly, insane people and those who are unwilling to recognize and acknowledge their insanity are controlling our country’s policies.

These are of the same ilk as those who consider good and acceptable the dismembering, murdering, and harvesting for profit the organs of babies in the womb.  They are those that desire the country to be flooded with illegal immigrants to the point of our nation being unrecognizable and our social systems being overrun.  They are those who think that Islam, a religion and form of government that teaches to convert, kill, or enslave whoever disagrees with them, is a religion of peace.  They think that debt is the path to prosperity.  They either ignore the Constitution or interpret it to say whatever they want it to say.  They are deranged, evil, or both.

Day by day the country slips away.  Will we leave our children a land of the free, or will it be a land of enslavement, misery, and havoc because we let America become the home of the selfish and cowardly?  It is time to repent and make things right.  When we repent and seek the Lord with all our heart, He will lead us in what action to take.  We must be willing to be used by Him.  When we come up from our knees we must stand for Truth, or we will surely fall.

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The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is an example of the realization, among other things, of the failure of multiculturalism as defined by those who have pushed their ideas upon people that can better distinguish between good and bad.  Multiculturalism is a good thing when it is kept within its borders.  When it goes beyond its borders it doesn’t remain multi, but becomes singular.

Leftists force together birds of different feathers, seemingly in an effort to create some sort of utopia where the viewpoints of people with completely different mindsets will unite in their thinking and all will be well.  Of course as is very evident, this doesn’t work.  Whether or not Robert Frost believed the line in his poem Mending Wall, “Good fences make good neighbors”, it is true.  Boundaries are God’s idea.  He is not pleased with those who move them (Hosea 5:10).  He originated the world’s various cultures at the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-8).

Instead of trying to change the customs and thinking of a nation whose laws and traditions are based on Christianity, immigrants coming from countries that have laws and traditions based on false gods and are unwilling to assimilate to the Christian country’s customs and ways of thinking should settle in a country that better suits them.  This is especially true of those following the teaching of Islam, which instructs its followers to force others to convert to Islam, kill them, or enslave them.

There is no room for Christianity in the world of the left.  Multiculturalism as idealized by the left is self-destructive.  The kaleidoscopic collection they envision would be, and is becoming, mingled into an unrecognizable blend that dilutes the qualities of each culture, and dissolves the Christian.

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Falling America

It is unbelievable what is happening in America.  The slow erosion of freedom, integrity, honor, and decency has changed to mass wasting of these characteristics.  Apparently we have become a nation of fools who think that servitude, immorality, dishonor, and indecency are an improvement to our country.  It seems that every chance we have to correct the course of America, we choose not to.

It is a given that the Democratic party presidential candidates are anti-Christian and anti-American, but there was a viable Republican candidate in the race that had proven in the Senate and in his campaign that he solidly stood for Christian principles and the Constitution.  Instead of getting behind this man of ability and integrity, the majority of Republican voters chose to disregard these characteristics.  Apparently for the majority of Americans, many of those professing to be Christians, and even some pastors, character and honor is not an essential element in choosing a president.

President Obama’s legacy is ending on the note that he wants girls and boys, men and women to use the same bathrooms and showers; a continuation of his desire for the destruction of America.  Our congressmen and senators are too dignified or are of the same mindset to throw him out on his ear and give him his just punishment for all his crimes, while the majority of Americans are too materialistic to recognize the visible and invisible attack we are under.  The framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would be appalled at the caliber of many in our government offices, pulpits, and positions of leadership.  The Puritans laid the foundation of liberty in this land, which is the rock of ages, Jesus Christ.  They would be ashamed and devastated at what we have become.

If freedom is to be passed to our children, we must rebuild upon the foundation of freedom; upon the solid Rock.  As a building on a poor foundation will develop fractures and eventually collapse under its own weight, our country is collapsing upon us because we have stopped building on the Rock.  Therefore we have to tear down the structure of hedonism that has been built upon the foundation of deceit.  Freedom is found in Truth.  Let us realize that the unparalleled prosperity and protection of the United States was possible because of that Truth and the form of government that He blessed us with, which is found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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Fed in Crisis Mode

The recent flooding in the deep south serves as a reminder of the overreach of our federal government. Its socialistic motto is, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Uncle Sam is Johnny on the spot to pass money out locally that belongs to tax payers nationally.

Who can blame those struggling to make ends meet for taking off from work and sacrificing earned wages to accept unearned wages that far exceed what they would have made had they stayed at work? The economy is far out of kilter and the government is out of bounds when the people can have more income not working than if they do.

Inflation and excessive taxation are the chief causes of our skewed economy, and unconstitutional governing has caused these problems. Inflation was non-existent under the Constitution. It began after the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 when the authority to coin money (Article 1, Section 8) was forfeited by Congress and illegally given to the Federal Reserve. In the same year under President William Taft, Congress and 42 states saddled U. S. citizens with the income tax by the 16th Amendment.

Control of the value of money by a few individuals and virtually unlimited taxation was a death sentence to individual freedom. Now Americans work for the state because of undue taxation, and are controlled by certain individuals in the Federal Reserve that determine the worth of their income and savings.

Perhaps the coming Republican convention and subsequent election will mark a turning point in our nation when we throw off the burden of socialism and retake the freedom that the God of the Bible blessed us with in the Declaration and Constitution. Perhaps we will see crews across the country dismantling the wall of lawlessness to let loose liberty once again.

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Governing Authority

Americans have an opportunity this year to elect a president that may dust off the Constitution, read it, study it, and abide by it. Next to God’s law, the Constitution is the ultimate law of our country. Any law contrary to God’s law or the Constitution is no law at all; it is a non-law.

There are many non-laws that have been passed in Washington, one being Obamacare. Because this non-law forces funding for the murder of babies, it violates God’s law that tells us murder is wrong; it violates the Declaration of Independence, where in its second paragraph it states that one of our unalienable rights is life; it violates the preamble of the Constitution which declares the reasons for ordaining and establishing the Constitution: to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Under Obamacare, these reasons for ordaining and establishing the Constitution have been denied to our unborn citizens. Since Obamacare violates God’s law, it also violates the First Amendment to the Constitution, which declares the right to the free exercise of religion. These are only some of the reasons it is unlawful. Obamacare contradicts God’s law, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, the ultimate laws of our country, therefore it is a non-law.

Obedience to a non-law that is contrary to God’s law or the Constitution is disobedience to God, since He tells us in the thirteenth chapter of the book of Romans to not resist governing authority. In the United States of America, the governing authority under God is the people. The Constitution begins with “We the people…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Through their representatives, the people established the Constitution as the ultimate law second only to God’s law. We know that our government is based on God’s law because the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence refers to the “separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them.” Likewise, the second paragraph makes clear the truth that our unalienable rights are given to us from our Creator. God’s law cannot be changed, but the Constitution can be changed by the people. Therefore, the order of authority is God, the people, and then the Constitution. Our government officials are merely servants of the people, to be respected and honored, but given a duty to serve the people.

Our obedience to authority requires obedience to laws, not non-laws. We have been negligent in allowing many non-laws to be passed and enforced. We should now work to remove these and be in obedience to the true laws. While this may present us with great opposition from those who are deceived or are willing to abide by and enforce the non-laws, this is our duty.

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