The Pretenders

“And the woman said, ‘It was the serpent. He deceived me, and I ate’” (Genesis 3:13). Deception is still prevalent today, and it is apparent that it has been elevated to a whole new level in our country. What would have obviously been wrong and unimaginable just a short time ago is still wrong, but is now accepted and celebrated by many, and is unopposed by others.

Our country is being controlled by those who refuse truth and accept lies. There are examples aplenty, such as the lie that we can continue indefinitely to spend more money than we have. There is the delusion that we can let anyone into our country and still be safe and prosperous. Another falsehood is that anyone can be whatever sex they want to be at any given time, or can be in a marriage relationship no matter what the actual and obvious sex of those involved. Some make believe that they can be any race they choose. Still another fabrication is that the most adherent followers of Islam are rational and peaceful.

Nonsense masquerades as common sense. Birds of different feathers are forced together in schools and in the military, then those who have done the forcing wonder why problems arise. The president, Congress, and the Supreme Court twist and ignore laws to accrue power and advance agendas. The timeless and beneficial laws of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are exchanged for the temporal and detrimental laws of me, myself and I.

We have become a nation of pretenders. While we are pretending, we can pretend that there won’t be any consequences for our deliberate self-deception, and while we, our children and our grandchildren are suffering the consequences, we can pretend that we are not.

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