Equal Representation in All Seats of Government

Across the country, cities large and small are crumbling. While the suburbs surrounding cities may be thriving, the inner cities are in decay. Much of this is the result of the bloated federal government that unconstitutionally puts forth failing programs time and again that waste our money and add to the problems or create new ones. It is also the result of unequal representation in local seats of government, where government offices are limited to those residing within the declining districts and eligibility is denied to qualified and worthy potential candidates living outside the districts.

Statistics and studies are not necessary. A drive through the middle of any village, town, or city is enough to see that better leadership is needed. In most cases the buildings have or are collapsing, and most of all that remains are “antique” stores, pawn shops, and tattoo parlors.

At least in county seats, or parish seats in the case of Louisiana, representation should include the whole county or parish since all those within that jurisdiction pay taxes for and conduct business in that seat of local government. The same applies to state capitals. All citizens within the state should be eligible for election to government offices within the capital city because of their tax money funding the functioning of government within that city.

At a national level, Convention of States is promoting equal representation by working to take legislative power away from unelected bureaucrats and giving that power back to the states and the people where it belongs. The 10th Amendment to the U S Constitution states exactly that: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Not just in towns and cities, but across the nation there is moral and physical corruption. Qualified leadership is lacking at every level of government, but especially in our nation’s capital. The same foolish and selfish people with the same disregard of the Constitution keep their positions in Congress for decades, pushing the country further and further from its founding principles.

Through an Article 5 convention, COS is proposing amendmentsthat will put further limitations on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, stop wasteful and irresponsible spending of tax money, and put an end to prolonged terms of office. Taking these steps will help ensure that those elected to public office will be motivated by honorable ideals that will reshape our nation into the model that was given by the Founders and all those that sacrificed much for us and our posterity. Such action, along with following the righteous principles set forth by the Word of God, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution will set us on the correct course to stop the degeneration in towns, states, and across the nation.

Sign the petition and get involved to help further the efforts of COS at Sign The Petition (conventionofstates.com)

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