What happened to the Monroe Doctrine?

For almost 200 years the Monroe Doctrine has served America well. Established under the James Monroe administration in 1823, it has helped protect America from foreign countries intent on harming our republic by their encroachment into our hemisphere to establish ideologies and governments contrary and harmful to those of America. In recent times, the principle behind this doctrine has been abandoned to embrace an opposed doctrine.

This new doctrine became entrenched as a matter of policy under the Obama administration, although its leanings were becoming evident prior to Obama. One of the most, if not the most, damaging moves away from the Monroe Doctrine was taken by the U S Senate when it ratified the Torrijos-Carter Treaties in 1978, which gave away U S control and presence from the invaluable Panama Canal. Panama was given control of the canal and the ports on both ends, and they were jointly managed by Panama and the U S until during the Clinton administration, when long term leases were granted to China with little or no effort put forth by the U S to maintain any control or management of the Canal Zone. The leases gave China control over the canal and adjacent ports.

Since then, China has succeeded in port acquisitions on the U S west coast and in other countries of the Western Hemisphere. In 2012, the Obama administration signed on to a 40 year lease to China of the Port of Long Beach in southern California, the second largest container port in the U S. President Trump managed to force an early end to the lease because of the obvious security risk of leasing this port to a communist country.

In our own current day, the Monroe Doctrine has been completely discarded, and a doctrine of destroying America has been adopted by the U S president, the U S House of Representatives, the U S Senate, the U S Supreme Court, mainstream media, academia, church “leaders”, and many others. The issue of illegal immigration is an example of the adherence to this insidious doctrine of destruction. The military might of the U S forced the Soviet Union to forego plans of placing missiles in Cuba back in 1962. Under the questionable Obama administration, and now under the illegitimate Biden administration, any country could have its army march across the U S southern border and be welcomed with taxpayer funded transportation, lodging, and provisions. This is illegal of course, but legalities don’t mean much to the majority of the members of our branches of the federal government. The Monroe doctrine was meant to protect the Western Hemisphere, and now not only is the hemisphere unguarded, but the U S itself is unguarded.

The dangerous position of the U S is due to complacency of Americans, the turning from the Christian foundation of America, a corrupted election system, and corrupted politicians. There must be a course correction if America is to survive. A return to the Monroe Doctrine is a necessary step, but will require the course correction mentioned, and a restrengthening of American armed forces, as opposed to the direction the current commander in chief of these forces is taking.

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