The Term “White Privilege” is Leftist Propaganda

There is a communist element in the world that is concentrating on the destruction of America, using the tried and true method of divide and conquer. This communist element is entrenched in media, education, entertainment, many state governments, and especially the federal government. The American people, by and large, are not taken with their propaganda. However, their constant barrage of lies deceive many, and leave patriots exasperated as to what to do about it. There have been many assaults by this evil cabal, including the devaluation of currency and excessive taxation to fund unconstitutional programs that ultimately make citizens dependants of the government (read “A Lawless America” here). The worst strikes on the United States have been against its righteousness as a nation through the promotion of pornography, gambling, abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, profanity, general immorality, and anti-christianity. The Leftists’ latest series of salvos are a two pronged attack against America. One prong divides America by covering the land with the false idea of “white privilege”. The other spreads fear of a disease, withholds the cure, and steals the American people blind through income loss and inflated prices for goods and services.

A little research dispels the notion of “white privilege”. Aside from programs and quotas (affirmative action) that favor “non-whites”, such as the USDA giving over a billion dollars in $50,000 payouts (some much larger) to black farmers who claim discrimination, often with little to no evidence, blacks generally hold a proportionate number in income levels and government positions, including a recent presidency. In some cases, such as in sports, they are disproportionately over-represented. Could this be because God has given them the talent to excel in this area? Does this mean that others have been discriminated against by not being given the same talent? The answer is yes, but discrimination is part of life. 1 Corinthians 12: 4-5 in the Word of God tells us: “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.”

According to the U S Census Bureau, in 2019 blacks were 13.4% of the U S population, yet they are 22% of the mayors of the 50 largest U S cities. They make up 13% of the U S House of Representatives. 75% of the NBA is black, 65% of the NFL, but only 5% of the NHL. Home ownership rates are disproportionately high for blacks at over 40% while white ownership is consistent with their population at just over 70%. 77% of white children in the U S live in two parent homes, while 37% (the lowest among races) of black children live in two parent homes. This coincides with median incomes, with blacks at the lowest and whites near the top. It appears that income has more to do with family stability than with race.

Police brutality and oppression against blacks is another lie spread by Leftist media. Racism has nothing to do with police presence and activity. Where do you see bars on windows and doors? It is mostly in black neighborhoods. Why? A major reason goes back to the low percentage of two parent homes. Without a stable home as God designed it to be, children are more likely to become involved in crime, and continue to be involved in it into adulthood. Therefore, police encounters with all races is proportional to the races’ criminal involvement.

The media and government reaction, and in turn the public reaction to COVID-19 is unprecedented and unfounded, especially in light of the fact that there is a cure and preventative. It is criminally insane to force the closures of businesses and to forbid gatherings in a supposed effort to stay a virus, and to outlaw the prescribing of an inexpensive and readily available antidote (hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin) for the virus that is also a preventative. There could be no other reason than this is a communist tactic to collapse a capitalistic economy, to control and kill citizens, and to fund the communist cause through sales of untried and expensive medicines.

The communist attack must be met with truth and action. How many times will those that are part of their group or that allow their activities to go unchecked be elected and re-elected to Congress, state legislatures, governorships, mayorships, and city councils? How long will they be allowed to cheat the vote through mail in ballots, waiving photo ID requirements to vote, and other means? When freedom is not maintained, vermin are always there to bring about destruction. Too many have too much invested in America to abandon it and hand over what is left to those who will enslave us.

Let Freedom Ring

The words to the hymn, “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” speak to the time we are now in, a time in which the ring of freedom is fast fading. How many can sing the first verse of this song? In how many hearts would the words stir a patriotic passion to regain and retain the freedom for which many have suffered and died?

The current Coronavirus hype and hysteria have caused many to trade precious freedom for the “safety” offered by “experts” and the “government”. The hymn mentioned above contains the phrase “land where my fathers died”, but the land will now be known throughout history as “land where the people were scared of a typically nonfatal virus, so we gave up our freedom and on the government we relied.” The God given rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness ingrained in the Declaration of Independence, and the First Amendment affirmation of the right of assembly and the free exercise of religion have been taken away (willingly given away by many) as if America had suddenly been taken over by some callous communist regime. Deceit and fear have quickly led many to comply with what is obviously a devastating blow to liberty and economic stability.

Who could believe that to stop a serious but usually nonlethal virus, American citizens would be ordered to shut down their “nonessential” businesses for weeks or months, to not send their children to school, and to stay put in their homes; that prisoners would be released so they wouldn’t spread the virus to each other; that citizens would be herded like lemmings through “essential” establishments, while of course keeping the arbitrary six feet apart rule; that weddings and even funerals would not be allowed; and that our elected officials would unconstitutionally authorize an astronomical amount of the people’s own money, and money that doesn’t even exist, to be redistributed in an attempt to appease and to justify forcing them to not earn wages.

The Covid crackdown is an attempt to topple what Leftists hate: a free people and Jesus Christ who gives that freedom. Can a nation long survive when likely one-fifth of the work force is not working for weeks and months? Time will tell the outcome of such unprecedented and criminal governmental action.

Coronavirus Constitutional Crisis

Americans have never been in more danger of losing their sovereignty as we are now. This is not the result of a foreign invasion, although through weak border control foreign invasion has occurred and lends to the present danger of disease. This potential overthrow is by the hands of those in elected offices of government that disregard constitutional law, and by public compliance to this criminal act.

Precedence is being set for freedom to be taken from Americans. Sovereignty and freedom is precious. We sing about it, recite it, and many have suffered and died for it. Freedom means being able to choose the best course of action for our own lives and the lives of our families. Now we as a nation have been ordered to not assemble, and certain businesses have been ordered to close even though the U S Constitution expresses the right to peaceably assemble. While the Constitution gives no such authorization, Congress is about to once again reach its long arm into the shallowing pockets of Americans to prop up businesses and individuals.

What about the next crisis? What rights will be laid down and at what cost? Freedom will sometimes cost everything. Loss of freedom costs even more.

Abortionists are Hit Men

Hit men are generally ancillary participants in a crime ring, but there are syndicates that have been allowed to flourish in which hit men are the main players. In these organizations, which have been sanctioned by the United States and other countries, and are exalted by the Democratic Party, the acts and the results of the acts of hit men are the reason for the existence of the organizations.

These hit men are not usually known by such a denotation. Usually they are called doctors, but this title is certainly not fitting for those harming and ending life. Hit men is a much more applicable term since they are paid to kill people. Their actions are made even more abhorrent by the fact that their victims are tortured through the methods of murder used by the villains, and they are helpless to defend themselves. It is unthinkable yet reality, that government is a willing participant, even worse, a subsidizing participant in such crimes, when its purpose is to protect and defend.

Natural law, given to us by our Creator, dictates that ending human life is a crime. This is reiterated by the Declaration of Independence and the U S Constitution. Claims that a living soul is not a living soul are ludicrous and evil. Claims that a woman’s life and body trump the life and body of a child inside her body is equally ludicrous and evil. The woman’s body was created to bring forth life. It was not created to be a place for conception only then to become a place to torture and terminate that which was conceived.

Leftists Indict Themselves When They Quote the Constitution

When pushing for the impeachment of President Trump, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi not only indicted herself, but also the previous administration of which she was aligned in its flagrant disregard of the Constitution. Remember DACA? While in office, President Obama stated, “I am not a king. I can’t do these things just by myself.” He was referring to breaking immigration law by stopping the deportation of those in the country illegally and granting them work authorization, social security, and other government benefits. However, he went ahead and acted as a king by doing what he said he could not, while Congress stood by and watched. Other examples of Constitution corrupting and congressional coverture abound, including DOMA, Obamacare, abortion, and 2nd Amendment infringement.

A December 8, 2019 article by Seth Lipsky in The Wall Street Journal quotes Nancy as saying, “When crafting the Constitution the Founders feared the return of a monarchy in America and, having just fought a war of independence, they specifically feared the prospect of a king-president corrupted by foreign influence.” Actually, the Constitution was crafted to not only prevent a monarchy, but also to prevent enemies from corrupting our government from within. As President Trump attempts to fulfill his duty to execute justice concerning already proven corruption by members of the former administration, enemies of America within the federal government falsely accuse him of wrongdoing. Perhaps Nancy and the other accusers fear the prospect of their own corruption being brought to justice.