Abortionists are Hit Men

Hit men are generally ancillary participants in a crime ring, but there are syndicates that have been allowed to flourish in which hit men are the main players. In these organizations, which have been sanctioned by the United States and other countries, and are exalted by the Democratic Party, the acts and the results of the acts of hit men are the reason for the existence of the organizations.

These hit men are not usually known by such a denotation. Usually they are called doctors, but this title is certainly not fitting for those harming and ending life. Hit men is a much more applicable term since they are paid to kill people. Their actions are made even more abhorrent by the fact that their victims are tortured through the methods of murder used by the villains, and they are helpless to defend themselves. It is unthinkable yet reality, that government is a willing participant, even worse, a subsidizing participant in such crimes, when its purpose is to protect and defend.

Natural law, given to us by our Creator, dictates that ending human life is a crime. This is reiterated by the Declaration of Independence and the U S Constitution. Claims that a living soul is not a living soul are ludicrous and evil. Claims that a woman’s life and body trump the life and body of a child inside her body is equally ludicrous and evil. The woman’s body was created to bring forth life. It was not created to be a place for conception only then to become a place to torture and terminate that which was conceived.


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