1913: The Looting Begins

Looting is not a new activity in America. It has just moved from behind the scenes where bankers, financiers, government officials, and other “elites” quietly take Americans’ money and possessions. Their lawlessness has led to the out in the open break and take mobs that are running rampant in the Democratic controlled cities across the country.

In 1913, during the Woodrow Wilson administration, the Federal Reserve was established. The power to coin money and regulate the value of it was taken away from its Constitutional place in Congress and was given to this illegal institution which consisted of a handful of manipulators that worked the strings of those in powerful positions of government. Almost all records of inflation rates begin in 1913. Before the crime of the establishment of the Federal Reserve, inflation was virtually nonexistent. Not long after the perpetration, inflation began a steady increase.

The next major phase of looting began in 1933 under the Franklin D Roosevelt administration and his “New Deal”. Suffering economically from the Great Depression, Americans were ripe for the picking. Regardless of the lack of constitutional authority for such expenditures, government programs were established to “help” Americans make it through the crisis. It is interesting that the “crisis” occurred in spite of, or perhaps because of, the Federal Reserve currency control. Either way, America had drifted further from its constitutional anchor and closer to socialism. Precedence had been set and such programs continued after the economy recovered.

Harry Truman followed the pinko path with his “Fair Deal” agenda, announced in 1949, which added more taxpayer subsidies. Along the same path came Lyndon Johnson in 1964 with his “War on Poverty”. From around 1950 up to Johnson’s unconstitutional war, the number of Americans who were officially considered poor had fallen by 20%. This downward trend ended with the beginning of the poverty war, as if intended. After more than 20 trillion of Americans’ dollars, not including social security and medicare, the poverty level has remained the same as when Johnson’s looting of Americans began.

Marxist groups such as BLM and Antifa, some ignorant individuals, governors, academia, media, and mayors, and other thieves have taken their cue from the “leaders” in Washington. The bending, breaking, and sidestepping of the Constitution has led to its disregard in many ways. “Legal” looting has given way to “allowed” looting. This began in earnest under the Obama administration and its degradation of America. By portraying America as fundamentally racist and corrupt, Obama gave license to its destruction.

Now America is reaping what was sown. By disregarding the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and Biblical principles that America was founded upon and which are found in these documents, the country is falling into an immoral abyss. The main purpose of government, which is to protect life, liberty, and property, is being left to individuals and those in law enforcement who stand firm in their duty in the face of prosecution for doing so.

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