The State of Virginia and the Country Should Be Ashamed

While apparently not the first, the state of Virginia is perhaps the most noted for knowingly electing an insane person to public office.  Recently, a man who thinks he is a woman was elected to their state legislature.  Click on the link below to read more about this.

If indeed this was an honest election, which with voter fraud and other election irregularities abounding makes one wonder, what does this say about the sanity of those electing such a person to state government or any other position?

The left-wing media has consistently promoted insanity and immorality such as pornography, homosexuality, transvestitism, same sex “marriage”, indecent movies and television programs, the killing of babies, giving safe harbor to criminals, and more.  Now they are attempting to portray some sort of high standard of character by coming against those accused or admitting to sexual misconduct.  This level of hypocrisy is off the charts.  The Left is all about sexual misconduct, but when it is manifested among public figures, and in some way serves their purpose, they are suddenly agents of honor and respectability.  While many of the Left’s own have admitted guilt for their sexual wrongdoing, Alabama U. S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has denied such allegations, and most if not all of his accusers have been proven to be liars.

There is no excuse for improper behavior, just as there is no excuse for indecency.  Men (and women) should keep their hands (and other parts) to themselves.  Likewise, women (and men) should keep their body parts from being exposed.  Many women in the last several years, particularly some seen in news clips of movie awards ceremonies for instance, or in news photos of celebrities, do not attire themselves in a way that lessens the likelihood of being improperly touched or otherwise violated.  At least one of those currently complaining about being the victim of sexual misconduct falls into this category.  God speaks in 1 Timothy 2:9: “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.”  It is beneficial to continue with the rest of this passage even though, except for the word “propriety”, it is somewhat off subject: “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission.  I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” (11-12)  Why?  “For Adam was formed first, then Eve.  And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.  But women will be saved through childbearing-if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.” (13-15)

Roy Moore has taken a stand for righteousness to the point of losing his job twice.  This would seem to prove his integrity, and men of integrity are what America needs in government offices, as well as men and women of integrity as citizens.  The condition of the country (immorality, lack of security, debt, violence, etc.)  makes clear what people without integrity do to a country.  To knowingly elect a deranged person to office, as just happened in Virginia, speaks volumes to where the “leaders, the smart ones, the experts” of our country have led us.  As God says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  Also in Hosea 4:14, “a people without understanding will come to ruin!”

Those who stand for for truth and righteousness, as is found in the Bible, and for lawfulness as is found in the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, are those who should be leading the nation.  Those who are obviously insane (a man thinking he’s a woman for instance), or who are contradictory to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, should never be elected; and should be removed from office if they have been elected.  If our country is to get back on the right track, the media, officials, and citizens who stand for sin and corruption should be ostracized and not validated.

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States of America








Democrats Still Control the Senate

A once in a lifetime opportunity exists for Republican legislators in Washington to put in place the common sense ideals expressed in the Republican platform, and put an end to the Democratic Party’s country killing corruption.  With control of the House, the Senate, the presidency, and many state governments, many of the congressmen and senators are still finding excuses to keep our country on a slippery socialist slope.

Click here for the Republican Party platform:

Or here:[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

Compare to the Democrat Party platform:

The filibuster is now to blame for their lack of courage and will to stand against the loud mouths of the Left. Americans elected Republicans to repeal Obamacare and to help end all the other Leftists’ nonsense.  The filibuster, which allows a handful of Democrats to block any progress toward that end, is not required by the Constitution, and can be easily done away with as it was for Supreme Court nominations.  However, many of those who claim to be Republicans have signed on to a letter stating their opposition to ending the 60 vote rule that basically puts Democrats in charge of the Senate.  According to the American Family Association, 30 Republican senators have joined in agreement to let the Democrats stay in charge.

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Their likely excuse for this is that if Democrats ever retake the Senate, then the Republicans would need the filibuster to stop them.  If this happened, the Democrats would make their coup de grace and end the filibuster, which these senators lack the courage or will to do.  Besides, the Democrats don’t have to retake the Senate, they never have lost it.

The same problem is in the House of Representatives:

Arrest and Prosecute Mayors, Governors, and Other Law Breakers

Obeying the law has become optional for many states, counties, and cities across the United States.  This trend began under the Obama administration, when he saw fit, as the head of the executive branch of our government, to make law enforcement optional.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “executive” as, “of or relating to the execution of the laws and the conduct of public and national affairs”.  During his devastating terms of office, he established trickle down lawlessness.  From Washington to the states, counties, cities, and individuals, obedience to laws and accountability for breaking laws has become optional.  It appears that a return to law and order will have to be by way of trickle up, from the individual to cities, counties, states, and Washington.  The people must demand that the rule of law be applied to everyone, and that means the arrest and prosecution of law breakers, beginning with those in charge of keeping the law, such as governors, sheriffs, district attorneys, and mayors.

Havens for criminals, aka sanctuary cities, counties, or states, should be the starting points for the arrests.  The following is a U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report from March, 2017, of counties, cities, and states that release illegal aliens that have detainers issued against them from ICE:

The “enforcement” of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been de-fanged by those who have no authority to do so, such as governors, mayors, and county authorities.  Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 4 of the U. S. Constitution states that Congress shall have power to establish the rule of naturalization.  Congress has established this rule, and it is the duty of the president to enforce this rule (Article 2, Section 3).

Click here for the U. S. Constitution:

Click here for the Declaration of Independence:

Click here for a free copy of the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution:

Many elected and appointed officials, past and present, should be arrested and made to answer for their crimes against the people of the United States.  Countless lives have been disrupted and ruined because of their lawlessness. The lack of border security, leading to job losses for Americans, and injury and death for those affected by the crime and terrorist activities of those in the country illegally are only one example.  Others include the deaths of millions of unborn babies; excessive taxation and illicit use of that money, such as taking from some and giving to others through welfare programs; unnecessary and senseless regulations that hinder or shutdown businesses and cause loss of employment; busing children to distant schools, stealing time from them and their families, in order to force culturally different people together; the promoting of gambling; the permitting of pornography, profanity, and immorality; the prosecution of business owners for not condoning sexual deviance; the deaths of many police officers because of the stand down policies of those in command; and many other injuries, disruptions, and inconveniences caused by the disregard of law by those entrusted to promote and enforce law.

It is past time for real Americans to stand.  Where are the patriots that are cut from the same cloth as the Puritans and the other founders of our country?  If there are any in elected offices of authority, may they refuse to take part in the lawlessness sweeping across our country.  May they stand for what is true and right and make arrests to take down those who are breaking the laws of our land, no matter who they are or their position.  May they defy illegal orders from judges or other officials.  May they take back America from those who are destroying it from within before the people are forced to do so.  A price may have to be paid for doing so, but God always blesses righteousness.  We have enjoyed the blessings of the stand that those before us took for what is right.  Let us pass those blessings to those after us.

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Manchester Murders Should be the End of the Line for Islam

How much more death and destruction will it take for the non-Muslim world, and especially the Christian world, to shut down Islam?  The bombing at a concert in Manchester, England by a Muslim and claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS), which has left 22 dead and many more injured, should be the end of the line for Islam.  Why wait for more to die or suffer at the hands of those following the false, deadly, and hateful teachings of Islam?  These barbarians should have been stopped long ago, but have been allowed to flourish by those in high government office, the media, and those foolish enough to believe Islam is just a peaceful religion.

Governments are responsible to protect their citizens.  These steps should have been taken long ago:  Secure the borders.  Stop all travel from Muslim countries.    Send Muslims already in non-Muslim countries who are not citizens of that country back to a Muslim country.  Muslims who are citizens in a non-Muslim country should repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, or keep their false belief to themselves, and assimilate to their non-Muslim country’s culture and traditions.  Otherwise, send them to a Muslim country where they can practice their false beliefs and traditions.  Tear down all mosques.  Ban Muslims from the military and government.  Ban Muslim organizations from operating in non-Muslim countries.  End monetary and military aid to Muslim countries.  Flood Muslim nations with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ignore judges who oppose these steps.

In America, the First Amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  There were no Muslims involved in making this amendment, or any others who had beliefs besides Christianity.  It is quite obvious that those making this amendment were referring to the establishment of a sect of Christianity.  Furthermore, this limit is only placed on Congress, which makes federal laws.  It is not placed on the individual states.  If the federal government will not protect the citizens of the country, then this responsibility falls on the state governments.  If the states will not fulfill their duty, then it is left to the local government and to the citizens themselves.

Many have tried to mitigate the culpability of Muslims by comparing their actions to atrocities of other people in the past, particularly the Crusades when those from Christian nations broke up the violent spread of Islam in Europe and the Middle East.  Islam is again attempting a violent spread, this time with the help of those with liberal leanings who apparently want to live under the harsh reality of sharia.  Wrong is wrong no matter who, what, or when it occurs.  Islam needed to be stopped during the time of the Crusades and it needs to be stopped now.  There is a crusade currently in effect against Christians that at least non-Muslims should recognize as misdirected.  Christians spread their beliefs through speaking truth in love, leaving others to choose whether to believe or not.  Islam teaches its followers to spread their belief through hate and force; believe, be killed, or perhaps become a slave.  When we hear of a bombing, a mass shooting, someone driving a vehicle into a crowd, or slashing and stabbing people, it is not a Christian wreaking the havoc.  It is consistently a Muslim.

Muslim attacks against Christian nations are not new.  America’s first war after the War for Independence was against Muslim pirates that seized non-military American ships and cargo, enslaved the crews, and held them for ransom.  Then as now, foolish attempts at appeasement were made and ransoms were paid.  In 1795 sixteen percent of the federal budget was being paid to these heathens to keep them “peaceful”.

Enough harm has been dealt in the name of the false god called Allah.  It is time for a new Crusade against Islam.


Hillary Clinton’s Indictment of the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention was an indictment against the Democratic Party.  Listing the problems of our nation, she failed to acknowledge that the problems are the result of eight years of a Democratic administration.  Corruption in Washington is rampant in both political parties, but to continue the same administration under a new name is to further relinquish our freedom, protection, prosperity, and Christian-American way of life.

Hillary began her speech by mentioning the Founder’s common purpose.  The Founders would be appalled that someone like Hillary Clinton is in the running for president, much like they would be appalled at the current administration.  Their common purpose was freedom and self-government, not a socialist government that the Democratic Party is pushing.

She next stated that powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart.  This is true.  The current administration, which she is part of, is tearing America apart in every way conceivable.  It pits race against race, promotes immoral sexual behavior, and endangers women and young girls by inviting men into women’s bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms.  The foundation of a stable and prosperous society, which is Christianity and the family, is continuously and increasingly undermined by this administration through its diversity and tolerance policies.  These policies quash freedom of religion and speech by silencing and punishing negativity toward the redefining of marriage, family, and gender.

Children are literally being pulled apart by those of Hillary’s and Obama’s ilk who desire to have unborn children torn to pieces and discarded in the name of freedom of choice.  While the child has no freedom of choice in being conceived, at least one of the two involved in the child’s conception was free to choose as to whether to engage in the act that resulted in a new soul.  The freedom of choice in such a matter should begin and end here, and not be misconstrued as license to murder.

Hillary said that the bonds of trust and respect are fraying.  They certainly are because her and most others in Washington have proven that they cannot be trusted and are not worthy of respect.  Benghazi; Fast and Furious; carelessness with confidential emails; open borders and open bathrooms; $400 million and a nuclear deal with our enemy Iran; homosexuals and transvestites normalized, allowed in the military, and running the military; and a host of other issues is why.

The former first lady stated in her speech that we won’t build a wall but we will build an economy.  Common sense would indicate that flooding the country with illegal immigrants, spending more than is available, and increasing an already oppressive tax burden would not be conducive to building but rather to destroying an economy.

She said that we will build a path to citizenship, not ban a religion, and will fight terrorism.  Building a shortcut path to citizenship and allowing a religion that promotes killing or enslaving those who don’t convert and is the main source of terrorism runs counter to fighting terrorism.  There is already a path to citizenship in our laws and for obvious reasons it needs to be made more stringent, especially for those from Muslim nations.

She said that there is too much inequality in America.  That is true where justice is concerned.  Most people who commit the crimes that she, Obama, and many others in Washington have would be in prison or executed.

The former First Lady turned potential Commander in Chief touted the powerfulness of our military.  Well, it was much more powerful before this administration emasculated it by allowing open homosexuality, terrorists, and other deviants into the ranks; and loosened its standards to accommodate women into combat units.

Hillary spoke of enduring values, freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity.  Yes, America had these once upon a time, but she, Obama, and many others in Washington have done their best to get rid of them.

She praised police officers, firefighters, doctors, and nurses.  She, the president, and others like them have caused harm and death, and continue to endanger those in these professions and others by inciting racial tension, violence, and allowing the entrance of criminals and terrorists into the country.

She stated that the founders fought a revolution so America would never have one person with all the power.  Yes.  It’s called the three branches of government and checks and balances, which we no longer use much.  The president simply bypasses Congress and issues edicts while our representatives stand by, watch, and allocate our tax dollars to fund the implementation of the edicts.  The Supreme Court bypasses Congress and passes legislation with five out of nine people, the executive branch enforces the court’s and its own illegitimate laws, and most of the members of supposedly the most powerful branch of government allow it and finance it while they enjoy their perks and paychecks.  The founders did fight, die, and made great sacrifices to give us a representative form of government, one that Hillary, Obama, and others like them may pretend to honor but vigorously undermine.

She said that children should be able to attend good schools no matter their zip code.  It is those of her mindset that have ruined the education of our country by their unconstitutional federal interference in the educational system.  From revising history to teaching immorality, our taxes have been used to dumb down our nation so that we will go along with whatever the “experts” in government tell us.

She mentioned her desire for a country where families are strong and communities are safe.  She and her party have worked diligently to weaken the family through penalizing marriage with taxes, through promoting homosexual “marriage”, through protecting pornography, and in countless other ways.  Their idea of keeping communities safe is by turning loose hundreds of illegal alien criminals, allowing anyone to cross the country’s borders, and bringing in thousands of people from enemy countries with no way to check their background.

Hillary spoke of helping working people get ahead and stay ahead.  She said that the economy isn’t working as it should, but that it is so much stronger than when Obama took office.  If the economy isn’t working as it should after eight years of Obama and Congress giving him anything he wants, then a continuation of the same policies under Hillary Clinton will not set it in order. She and those of her party make it extremely difficult for working people to even make ends meet, much less get ahead and stay ahead.  Their oppressive taxation and regulations stifle the prosperity of Americans and dampen the economy, while the Federal Reserve manipulates the money supply and devalues the hard earned wages through inflation.

She said that companies should share profits with their workers, not pad executive bonuses.  That would be nice for the employees, but what business does the government have in telling companies what to do with their money?  Rather, why doesn’t the federal government stop the armed robbery of the workers through excessive taxation and inflation, and stop greasing the palms of politicians, their pals, and our enemies with the sweat of working Americans.

She stated that she and the current administration put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program.  As if we can trust our enemy, sanctions have been lifted and $100 billion in assets have been released to Iran because they pretend that they will stop making nuclear weapons.  Another $400 million in currency was recently handed to Iran coinciding with the release of hostages.  Apparently this administration’s idea of putting a lid on a nuclear program is by funding it.

Hillary said that we will stand up against mean and divisive rhetoric wherever it comes from.  This must mean according to who the rhetoric is directed toward and however they determine mean and divisive.  If the rhetoric is supporting the principles and ideals that made America the freest, strongest, most prosperous, and most protected nation on earth, then it is considered by the Hillary and Obama bunch to be mean and divisive.  Their idea of not being mean and divisive is to embrace immorality, the killing of babies, the over-running of our country by illegal entrants, the giving of our income to the federal government for them to waste as they please, the handing over of our country to our enemies, and the silencing of those who object to this.

It is discouraging to know that out of such a large field of what appeared to be qualified candidates, we are left with two undesirable nominees for the presidency of the United States.  These are our choices, so instead of voting for the candidates, we should think of it as voting for the party platforms that they represent, and these platforms represent two very different ideals.