The Great Deception of 2020

Nearly 100 years after the Great Depression, which can be argued was brought about through deceit, the year 2020 may be known as the year of the Great Deception. The racism deception, the COVID 19 deception and the election deception are a three pronged attack on America and the world. There are other prongs in this attack, such as homosexuality, abortion, and others, but this article will only address the first three issues. The old divide and conquer strategy is being used by those who would destroy America; the world standard of liberty. The godless communist worldview is being aggressively pitted against the God fearing, freedom loving worldview.

Racism should not be confused with the fact of life that birds of a feather flock together. It should also not be confused with a group of people being suppressed by their own behavior or by their government. Opportunities for advancement are available to all in America, if not especially for those categorized as part of a minority group.

According to the U S Census Bureau, in 2019 blacks were 13.4% of the U S population, yet they are 22% of the mayors of the 50 largest U S cities. They make up 13% of the U S House of Representatives. 75% of the NBA is black, 65% of the NFL, but only 5% of the NHL. Home ownership rates are disproportionately high for blacks at over 40% while white ownership is consistent with their population at just over 70%. 77% of white children in the U S live in two parent homes, while 37% (the lowest among races) of black children live in two parent homes. This coincides with median incomes, with blacks at the lowest and whites near the top. It appears that income has more to do with family stability than with race.

Police brutality and oppression against blacks is another lie spread by Leftist media. Racism has nothing to do with police presence and activity. Where do you see bars on windows and doors? It is mostly in black neighborhoods. Why? A major reason goes back to the low percentage of two parent homes. Without a stable home as God designed it to be, children are more likely to become involved in crime, and continue to be involved in it into adulthood. Therefore, police encounters with all races is proportional to the races’ criminal involvement.

COVID 19 is a relatively new weapon in the arsenal of Leftists. Who would have thought that so many could be deceived into fearing a disease that 94.6-99% of those who contract it recover, to the extent of government forcing people to close their businesses (unless it is a large business such as Walmart or Home Depot), schools, churches, and even home gatherings. The COVID deception, much more than the disease itself, has done tremendous damage to America and the world. Our laws have been ignored and bypassed in order to achieve the “greater good”. Freedom of assembly and the free exercise of religion (Christianity) has been restrained, tax money has been unlawfully distributed, livelihoods have been forcibly suspended, face covering with all that entails has been mandated, and choice of treatment for the illness has been taken from doctors and patients and ordered by overreaching government.

The presidential election of 2020 has proven to be the most corrupt in American history, and likely shows how so many corrupt politicians get re-elected time and again. The deception surrounding COVID 19 was a major part of the election deception. Mail in ballots were forced upon the public in many locations to “help prevent the spread of COVID” at the polls. In some cases, these ballots were not mailed to individuals at their request, but were mailed out en masse with many being gathered by unintended recipients and marked for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. This was only one method of “stuffing the ballot box”, with electronic votes being switched from President Trump to Biden, ballots for Biden being counted multiple times, and Biden votes cast somehow by those no longer living being other forms of election fraud.

The “rule of law”, while constantly touted by left-wing legislators, is obviously not in play by the left; or by many who are supposedly on the right. A reading of the Constitution is all one needs to see this, especially Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Liars and pretenders (search The Pretenders on this website) in the government, the media, academia, many pulpits, and other places have nearly taken control of the country, and much of the population is deceived by them. Whatever they say is usually the opposite of what is true. Now is the time for the law to be applied to them accordingly.

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