Manchester Murders Should be the End of the Line for Islam

How much more death and destruction will it take for the non-Muslim world, and especially the Christian world, to shut down Islam?  The bombing at a concert in Manchester, England by a Muslim and claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS), which has left 22 dead and many more injured, should be the end of the line for Islam.  Why wait for more to die or suffer at the hands of those following the false, deadly, and hateful teachings of Islam?  These barbarians should have been stopped long ago, but have been allowed to flourish by those in high government office, the media, and those foolish enough to believe Islam is just a peaceful religion.

Governments are responsible to protect their citizens.  These steps should have been taken long ago:  Secure the borders.  Stop all travel from Muslim countries.    Send Muslims already in non-Muslim countries who are not citizens of that country back to a Muslim country.  Muslims who are citizens in a non-Muslim country should repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, or keep their false belief to themselves, and assimilate to their non-Muslim country’s culture and traditions.  Otherwise, send them to a Muslim country where they can practice their false beliefs and traditions.  Tear down all mosques.  Ban Muslims from the military and government.  Ban Muslim organizations from operating in non-Muslim countries.  End monetary and military aid to Muslim countries.  Flood Muslim nations with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Ignore judges who oppose these steps.

In America, the First Amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  There were no Muslims involved in making this amendment, or any others who had beliefs besides Christianity.  It is quite obvious that those making this amendment were referring to the establishment of a sect of Christianity.  Furthermore, this limit is only placed on Congress, which makes federal laws.  It is not placed on the individual states.  If the federal government will not protect the citizens of the country, then this responsibility falls on the state governments.  If the states will not fulfill their duty, then it is left to the local government and to the citizens themselves.

Many have tried to mitigate the culpability of Muslims by comparing their actions to atrocities of other people in the past, particularly the Crusades when those from Christian nations broke up the violent spread of Islam in Europe and the Middle East.  Islam is again attempting a violent spread, this time with the help of those with liberal leanings who apparently want to live under the harsh reality of sharia.  Wrong is wrong no matter who, what, or when it occurs.  Islam needed to be stopped during the time of the Crusades and it needs to be stopped now.  There is a crusade currently in effect against Christians that at least non-Muslims should recognize as misdirected.  Christians spread their beliefs through speaking truth in love, leaving others to choose whether to believe or not.  Islam teaches its followers to spread their belief through hate and force; believe, be killed, or perhaps become a slave.  When we hear of a bombing, a mass shooting, someone driving a vehicle into a crowd, or slashing and stabbing people, it is not a Christian wreaking the havoc.  It is consistently a Muslim.

Muslim attacks against Christian nations are not new.  America’s first war after the War for Independence was against Muslim pirates that seized non-military American ships and cargo, enslaved the crews, and held them for ransom.  Then as now, foolish attempts at appeasement were made and ransoms were paid.  In 1795 sixteen percent of the federal budget was being paid to these heathens to keep them “peaceful”.

Enough harm has been dealt in the name of the false god called Allah.  It is time for a new Crusade against Islam.



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